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  • Carol Vallone Mitchell

The Importance of Developing Emotional Empathy

Collaborative male leaders I’ve interviewed and have worked with are able to show emotional empathy. I say “able to” because some men consciously or subconsciously suppress those reactions, because “feeling the pain” or the joy of another person makes them vulnerable. This is the kind of empathy that is perhaps the most difficult to manage as you try to stay composed in a business setting. The joy isn’t a problem; it’s the pain you feel that can be tough to bear. The adrenaline boost of high fives and fist pumps over another’s achievement is wonderful. But telling someone you like that they are being let go, seeing the look on their face, and feeling the compassionate lump in your throat is awful. And it’s probably more difficult when you try to hide it. But it is the part of empathy that conveys that “you get it,” that you really do recognize what someone is feeling. Read the article

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